Performance Based Commercial Roofing, Polyurethane Foam and Elastomeric Coating Contractor

What is a Performance Based Contractor?

A Performance Based Contractor is a contractor who withstands rigorous annual inspections from the Arizona State University Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG), a third party group of researchers and educators whose mission is to continually develop tools and processes to "improve the procurement and delivery of projects and services, as well as the measurement of internal operations and personnel."

Each year, WRI provides a list of finished NEOGARD roof coating projects that the PBSRG scrutinizes to determine sustainability and customer satisfaction. PBSRG researchers send out surveys and inspect each project, then provide a rating back from 1-10, with ten being the highest amount of satisfaction.

Washington Roofing and Insulation is proud to one of 14 Performance Based Contractors in the entire United States. But what does that mean to you?

That means we undergo tedious research and inspections which keeps pushing us to perform at our very highest. Our goal is for our customers to be satisfied throughout the life of their roof. With proper *maintenance the life of your roof should be as long as the life of the building.

*Proper maintenance is recoating your roof at the end of your warranty period. Normal recoating is every 8-10 years.

To learn more about our status as a Performance Based Alpha Contractor, visit the PBSRG website.