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Spray Polyurethane Foam Air Barriers

Washington Roofing & Insulation is an ABAA accredited contractor with over 35 years of Spray Polyurethane Foam Experience.

ABAA, or Air Barrier Association of America, makes sure that the contractor is following strict Air Barrier codes and holds us to the highest of industry standards.

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In Washington Roofing & Insulation Air Barrier and Insulation applications we use a closed cell foam. The "closed cell" foam is stronger, creates a better R-value and it has a better resistance to the leakage of air and water vapor.

Spray foam prevents air, moisture and gas infiltration. Studies have shown that as much as 40% of a buildings total energy loss is due to air infiltration. Spray Foam not only adheres to, but also forms to the walls to create a tight seal within the wall cavity as well as the connections between floor - wall - and roof.

Because spray foam provides a seamless layer of insulation, much like it also does on the roofing system, it prevents moisture infiltration which is the leading source of dangerous mildew and mold growth.This means that un-conditioned air cannot seap in from the outside bringing moisture, spores, pollen and other environmental pollution.

Spray foam seals cracks and crevices and helps to insulate those hard to reach areas. Many areas in building construction are difficult to insulate and therefore cellulose is used. However, cellulose tends to settle. Due to spray foam's rigid form, it will not settle and it also adds overall structural strength of your building.

The spray foam system also seals and reduces the temperature differences between the outside and inside wall - preventing convection currents of air from looping up and down in the walls.

These features of sprayfoam will also help your mechanical systems be properly sized rather than having to compensate for the air leakage by "over-sizing" the equipment.

BASF Closed Cell Spray Foam provides an R-value of 6.7 per inch and has a density of 2.0 lbs per cubic foot, making it a great choice for your insulation and air barrier needs.